American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) Becomes the First Hospital in Lebanon to Achieve HIMSS EMRAM and O-EMRAM Stage 6

BEIRUT, LEBANON, 18 MARCH, 2020 ---American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) has been awarded Stage 6 on the EMRAM and O-EMRAM by HIMSS Europe. AUBMC is the first organisation in Lebanon to receive this level of validation on both the EMRAM and O-EMRAM. With 357 beds, AUBMC and all of its outpatient facilities are nearly paperless in terms of clinical information.

AUBMC’s fully deployed, integrated and well used Electronic Medical Record system provides them with a unique toolset to lead digital health efforts in their region and to further excel in providing high quality care for their patients.

 “The suite of digital solutions implemented at AUBMC are designed to enhance the patient journey and empower our clinical professionals to deliver the highest standards in patient care. This was made possible by learning from others and by building a tight partnership between the clinical stakeholders and the technical teams. HIMSS resources were key in our pursuit to learn from others and overcome challenges,” said a representative from AUBMC.

“AUBMC is the first hospital in Lebanon that we have successfully validated against the EMRAM and O-EMRAM Stage 6 standards. With the implementation of their new and very comprehensive Electronic Medical Record system they have clearly reached new levels of clinical efficiency and effectiveness from which their patients benefit in various ways, for example by having electronic access to their own health information and a safer environment that reduces the potential of medication-related errors,” said Jorg Studzinski, Director of Research and Advisory Services, HIMSS. “When validating the hospital, I witnessed a highly enthusiastic and very well organized team that puts patient-centered care, collaboration, clinical excellence and innovation at the top of everything they do.” 

AUBMC is also interested in expanding their work to other Maturity Models, notably, the Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity (AMAM), the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) and Continuity of Care Maturity Model (CCMM).  AUBMC is hoping to align their progress in digital health with national initiatives around health information exchange and interoperability in Lebanon.

The EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) is an eight stage model that measures digital maturity in a hospital, with 0 the lowest and Stage 7 the highest level. Achieving EMRAM Stage 6 represents the hospital’s commitment to using Information Technology in a smart way to improve care quality, safety and efficiency. The Outpatient EMR Adoption Model (O-EMRAM) measures clinician documentation, including orders, e-prescribing, patient engagement and population health analytics.

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