3 Actionable insights straight from HIMSS16 attendees

Matt Schuchardt

With just a week before the big show in Las Vegas, HIMSS Analytics is happy to give you some of the freshest attendee insights just released through our HIMSS16 Attendee Survey Report. The HIMSS16 Conference Toolbox, now available, will guide you in understanding who will be at the show, what IT needs are on show-goers minds, who might be in the market for your offerings if you are a health solutions company, or who you might be able to gain insights from as a healthcare delivery organization. The Attendee Survey gives you access to what is on conference-attendees minds just before they hit the show.

Insight #1: Attendees are looking to HIMSS to understand what is hot in healthcare IT.

As you may have suspected, the number one reason people are attending HIMSS16 is to determine what the hot button issues and topics are in healthcare IT, however, many attendees are also interested in the educational and networking opportunities.


Insight #2: Buyers are coming to HIMSS16 to be connected with sellers.

While we've identified the main drivers for attending HIMSS16, a significant 15% of pre-conference registrants indicated that they are attending with the hope to evaluate solutions ultimately to make an investment in healthcare IT. 

Insight #3: HIMSS is driving connections on the most meaningful topics in healthcare.

Despite heavy investment in EHR over the years, EHR and related technologies are still a priority for HIMSS participants. Revenue Cycle, Analytics, Privacy/Security, Population Health, and Telemedicine are also top priorities.


Now that you have some high-level insights as to the opportunities that will be strolling through the show, plan your conference strategy around it. Get a deeper understanding of attendees by purchasing the full report and data as part of the HIMSS16 Toolbox and gain insights by segmenting by:

  • Drivers for attending the conference.
  • Specific topics of interest.
  • Booths attendees plan to visit.
  • Topics of interest by professional title (IT Department, C-Suite, etc).
  • However you'd like to segment the data!

For more market insights and other HIMSS Analytics offerings please reach out to us!




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