Report names top health tech forecasted to grow by 200-plus percent

HIMSS Analytics

This year will see big increases in spending by hospitals, according to a HIMSS Analytics report. Hospitals—188 for the first time and 102 upgrading—are making substantial investments in their analytics infrastructure. The five technologies poised for growth of 200+ percent in just one year are: clinical data warehousing/mining, nurse staffing/scheduling, electronic data interchange/clearinghouse, in-house transcription and medical necessity checking content. Clinical data warehousing/mining will see the biggest surge (it’s projected to see a 500 percent increase), followed by nurse staffing/scheduling (300 percent increase).

HIMSS Analytics Director of Market Intelligence Solutions Sales, Matt Schuchardt, explained that this rapid growth is also reflected in the number of marketplace opportunities that continue to emerge. This flurry of activity does appear to be the result of reaching the meaningful use penalty phase—bringing with it the potential for decreased payments—but still, not all organizations are caught up; 160 hospitals still need to install CPOE. 

For more details about these burgeoning technologies, read the full report

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